What is TAP?


On July 4th, 2007 a collective group of misfits (read our bios), and self proclaimed “Great Americans”, got together and decided to celebrate the birth of this country in the form of a back yard pool party. While hopes were high, these young party throwers had no idea of what to expect. What happened that day would make Hugh Hefner consider what goes on in his grotto more similar to an after school special on CBS. WE TOTALLY NAILED IT!!! 500 of Atlanta’s finest individuals came over scantily clad, and ready to throw down. Those first pool parties are still talked about to this day, and considered by many, the finest ever thrown in Atlanta history.


Due to its patriotic beginnings, the group began to be known as Team America (widely known as “TAP” for Team America Promotions). In 2008 TAP threw it’s first official event at the Buckhead Ballroom (the building that now houses a bar known as the Ivy), and 1400 of Atlanta’s FINEST showed up to throw down.

Mystery Princess1

Since it’s inception, TAP events are unofficially responsible for 3,255 hook ups, the birth of 72 children, approximately 3 marriages, 211 break ups, and 24 divorces.


Since then TAP has been organizing parties, outings, tailgates, and other fun social events with other “Young Professionals” that haven’t quite grown all the way up either. Take a journey with us through pictures, and enjoy the evolution of TAP.


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